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Maribel Madueño Ruiz

Position: Former Member

Journal publications

[1] M. Madueño and J. Vidal, "Joint physical-MAC layer design of the broadcast channel protocol in adhoc networks", IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. 23, January 2005.

Conference publications

[1] M. Madueño and J. Vidal, "PHY-MAC performance of a MIMO network-assisted multiple access scheme", IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances for Wireless Communications, New York, USA June 2005, pp. 1 - 5.

[2] M. Madueño and J. Vidal, "Joint PHY-MAC layer design of the broadcast protocol in ad-hoc networks", IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Montreal, Quebec, Canada May 2004.

[3] M. Madueño and J. Vidal, "PHY-MAC Joint optimisation for ad-hoc connectivity", Workshop on Ad-hoc and Multi-hop networking, Brussels, Belgium December 2003.

[4] J. Vidal, M. Madueño and E. Sayrol, "Color Image Watermarking Using Channel-State Knowledge", SPIE Electronic Imaging, San Jose, CA January 2002.

[5] J. Vidal, M. Madueño, J. R. Fonollosa, S. Barbarossa, O. Gasparini, S. Ponnekanti, A. Andritsou and A. Nix, "Multihop networks for capacity and coverage enhancement in TDD/UTRAN", MedHocNet, Sardegna, Italy January 2002.

[6] F. Deguillaume, S. Voloshynovskiy, S. Pereira, M. Madueño and T. Pun, "Filigranage d'images digitales", Traitement et Analyse d'Images, Hammamet, Tunisia October 2001.

[7] S. Pereira, S. Voloshynovskiy, M. Madueño, S. Marchand-Maillet and T. Pun, "Second generation benchmarking and application oriented evaluation", Information Hiding Workshop, Pittsburgh, USA April 2001.

[8] J. Vidal, E. Sayrol and M. Madueño, "Data hiding in colour images using perceptual models", Workshop COST 254: Friendly Exchanging Through the Net, March 2000.