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Secured Link TT&C Antennas (Design Phase)


Code:    AO/1-4778/05/NL/JA
Funder:    Private Company
Company:    European Space Agency
Start date:    2006 September 15th
End date:    2007 April 15th
Partners:    BAE Systems and EADS Astrium
SPCOM Participants:    Pau Closas Gómez and Juan Fernández Rubio
SPCOM Responsible:    Juan Fernández Rubio


In the framework of Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) systems, an onboard antenna array is to be designed under this phase of the project. Aiming at securing the link between ground stations and satellites, an antenna array is considered. Some issues to be studied are the generation of suitable TC reference signal for the test scenario, quantification of loop phase errors, determination of the effect of mutual coupling and multipath on the adaptive array performance using a TRB technique, identification of design limits and critical design parameters.

Conference publications

[1] C. Wyllie, D. Gould, G. Richards, R. Guy, J. Fernández Rubio, P. Closas Gómez, P. Rinous and F. Coromina, "Secured Link TT&C Antennas", European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, November 2007.