Acronym:    SUNBEAM
Funder:    European Commission
Start date:    1998 May 1st
End date:    1999 December 1st

Partners:    Analog Devices, Bosch Telecom, ERA Technology, France Telecom, Motorola ECID, THOMSON-CSF, University of Aalborg, University of Bristol and Wireless Systems
SPCOM Participants:    Margarita Cabrera Bean, Juan Fernández Rubio, Meritxell Lamarca Orozco, Olga Muñoz Medina, Alba Pagès Zamora, Jaume Riba Sagarra, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa, Josep Sala Alvarez, Gregori Vázquez Grau and Josep Vidal Manzano
SPCOM Responsible:    Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa


Development of innovative basestation architectures and algorithms for UMTS that are sufficiently flexible to support a range of different second and third generation air interface standards, by developing novel DSP architectures and software radio techniques.