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Network of Excellence in Wireless Applications and Technology


Acronym:    NEXWAY
Code:    IST-2001-37944
Funder:    European Commission
Start date:    2004 March 1st
End date:    2004 December 31st

SPCOM Participants:    Margarita Cabrera Bean, Luis García Ordóñez, Alba Pagès Zamora and Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa
SPCOM Responsible:    Alba Pagès Zamora


The mission of NEXWAY is to serve the European Society and Industry in an attempt to building lasting and sustainable excellence. The main focus of NEXWAY activities is to build a strong and open team based upon a pool of Academic and Independent R&D Organisations with international reputation in the field of Wireless Communications in order to serve the European Society and Industry. The NEXWAY partners bring in their experience and demonstrated excellence in specific fields. The team over time is enriched with additional members selected to ensure both inclusiveness and the steady increase of added value. As one of the activities of the last phase of the Fifth Framework Programme, NEXWAY seeks to provide a proof of concept for a type of Network of Excellence tailored to the goals and priorities of the Sixth Framework Programme. More information available at NEXWAY.