Predictive Tracking of Traffic Fluxes based on Mobile Location

Acronym:    SETRAM
Funder:    Catalan Government
Company:    INDRA Espacio
Start date:    2007 July 1st
End date:    2008 December 31st
Partners:    CIDEM and INDRA Espacio
SPCOM Participants:    Meritxell Lamarca Orozco, David Matas, Francesc Rey Micolau, Jaume Riba Sagarra, Josep Sala Alvarez, Gregori Vázquez Grau and Javier Villares Piera
SPCOM Responsible:    Josep Sala Alvarez


Estimation of parameters of traffic patterns based on position information from satellite/cellular network terminals for infrastructure planning and monitoring and mobility management and prediction using data clustering techniques.