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A MIMO testbed for Wireless And Mobile communications


Acronym:    MIMO-WAM
Funder:    Catalan Government
Start date:    2004 January 1st
End date:    2006 December 31st

SPCOM Participants:    Margarita Cabrera Bean, Josemanuel Huerta Guillén and Josep Vidal Manzano
SPCOM Responsible:    Josep Vidal Manzano


MIMO-WAM: A MIMO testbed for Wireless And Mobile communications equipped with four antennas at the receiver and two transmitters (equipped with two antennas each one) has been developed by the Signal Communications and Array Signal Processing group. The equipment have been partially funded by the Catalan Government: PIRA 2003 The prototype operates at the UMTS band and the activity of the Signal Processing and Communications Group with this testbed is cantered in the activities:

  • Development of Measurement Urban campaigns.
  • Design of User Location applications techniques.
  • MIMO Channel Modelling.
  • Cooperative Transmission.