Funder:    Private Company
Company:    ALCATEL Espacio
Start date:    2000 January 1st
End date:    2001 January 1st

Partners:    ESA (DOMINO-2)
SPCOM Participants:    Meritxell Lamarca Orozco, Jose Lopez-Salcedo, Jaume Riba Sagarra, Josep Sala Alvarez, Andreu Urruela Planas, Gregori Vázquez Grau and Javier Villares Piera
SPCOM Responsible:    Gregori Vázquez Grau


The ALCATEL 9343 DVB-forward payload is aimed at providing broadcasting for digital multi-programme television and Internet to the European countries. The basic concept is to provide access to individual broadcasters and service providers. A single carrier conveying all programmes received on individual up-links based on the Digital Video Broadcasting – Return Channel Satellite (DVB-RCS) standard and fully compliant with the DVB-S standard is transmitted on the down-link. Provision is also made for on-board cross-connection facilities between DVB-forward transponders. The chip-set incorporates a digital demultiplexer, demodulator and turbo-decoder. Later continued in the IBIS project, the DVB-forward payload, or AMERHIS, is scheduled to fly on the AMAZONAS satellite.

Conference publications

[1] M. Lamarca, J. Lopez-Salcedo, J. Riba Sagarra, J. Sala Alvarez, A. Urruela Planas, G. Vázquez and Javier Villares, "A Digital On-Board Receive Chain for a DVB On-Board Processing System", ESA International Workshop on Digital Signal Processing Techniques Applied to Space Communications, September 2001.

[2] M. Lamarca, J. Riba Sagarra, J. Sala Alvarez, G. Vázquez, Javier Villares, J. Lopez-Salcedo, A. Urruela Planas and D. P. Palomar, "DVB-forward: a Digital Television / Internet Payload", AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference, April 2001.