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On February 5, 2011, the Ministry of Science and Innovation has published the call for Predoctoral Research Training (FPI) associated with research projects of the national plan aimed at engineers or graduates interested in pursuing the doctoral thesis. Within this call it is offered a scholarship associated with the Research Project TEC2010-19171.MOSAIC: Macrocells and FemtOcells Systems with Advanced Interference-aware coordination and Cooperation techniques.

This Project is focused on future communication systems that, as 802.16m and LTE-A, include base station cooperation, interference coordination and femtocells as an integral part of the system. The project will address the study of these systems in the following ways:

    The design of cooperative and coordination schemes when several cells can exchange of information at the data plane and/or at the control plane. Different strategies will be considered depending on the link connecting the cells.
    The study of distributed consensus algorithms, useful in problems of synchronization of cooperative base stations.
    The design of appropriate scheduling techniques in communications architectures with coordination and cooperation.

Conditions for the submission of applications are available on the link FPI.

For more details about this scholarship, please contact Olga Muñoz Medina (olga.munoz @