Andreu Urruela Planas
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Andreu Urruela was born in Barcelona (Spain) in April 1978. He received the M.Sc. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain, in July 2001.

Before graduating, he was the system administrator (2000-2001) and general coordinator (2001-2002) of the Student Union.

His Master Thesis was related with the "Design, Simulation and Implementation of a Satellite On-Board DVB Digital Receiver" under a scholarship of Alcatel Space, Madrid (Spain) and under a R&D project at the Department of Signal Theory and Communications at UPC. This Thesis was co-authored with Jose Antonio López .

In September 2001, he joined the Communication Signal Processing Group, where he is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree and participating in the R&D projects as a Research Assistant. His current interest are wireless location in GSM and W-CDMA communication systems, Non-Line-of-Sigth phenomena and estimation theory.

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Latest Projects

Project nameAcronymFunderStart dateEnd date
European Mobile Integrated Location SystemEMILY European CommissionMar 2001May 2005
Feasibility Study for a Spacecraft Navigation System relying on Pulsar Timing InformationPULSARPrivate CompanyApr 2004Jun 2004
Integrated Broadcast Interaction SystemIBISEuropean CommissionJan 2001Aug 2003

Latest Journal publications

[1] J. Sala Alvarez, A. Urruela Planas, Javier Villares, J. Romeu, S. Blanch, R. Estalella and J. M. Paredes, "Pulsar Navigation", Acta Futura, Vol. 4, December 2008, pp. 94 - 101. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[2] A. Urruela Planas, J. Sala Alvarez and J. Riba Sagarra, "Average Performance Analysis of Circular and Hyperbolic Geolocation", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, January 2006. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[3] J. Lopez-Salcedo and A. Urruela Planas, "Algoritmo de Scheduling M-LWDF. Simulación para la Provisión de Calidad de Servicio en Entornos Multiusuario con Canales Variantes", IEEE Buran, April 2002, pp. 20 - 31. | Details | BibTex

Latest Conference publications

[1] J. Sala Alvarez, A. Urruela Planas, Javier Villares, S. Blanch, J. Romeu, R. Estalella and J. M. Paredes, "Pulsar Navigation", ACT Workshop on Innovative Concepts - A Bridge to Space, Vol. 1, January 2008, pp. 1 - 10. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[2] A. Urruela Planas, A. Pagès Zamora and J. Riba Sagarra, "Divide-and-Conquer Based Closed-form Position Estimation for AOA and TDOA Measurements", IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Vol. IV, May 2006, pp. 921 - 924. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[3] A. Urruela Planas, H. Morata and J. Riba Sagarra, "NLOS Mitigation Based on a Trellis Search for Wireless Location", IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances for Wireless Communications, June 2005, pp. 1 - 5. | Details | Full document | BibTex

Latest Patents

[1] J. Riba Sagarra, A. Urruela Planas, F. Barcelo and I. Martin, "Method for localizing a mobile station in an unsynchronized mobile network" .


[1] A. Urruela Planas, "Signal Processing Techniques for Wireless Locationing", Dpt. of Signal Theory and Communications, UPC, June 2006. Advisor: J. Riba Sagarra. | Details | Full document | BibTex

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