Conferences: Cooperative Linear Precoding for Multi-User MISO Visible Light Communications
Viñals, O. Muñoz Medina, A. Agustin de Dios and J. Vidal Manzano


This paper develops and evaluates precoding techniques
for coordinated joint transmission in visible light communications
(VLC). A multi-user multiple-input single-output
(MISO) setup is adopted. Transmitters are equipped with light
emitting diode (LED) arrays, while receivers incorporate a
single photodetector (PD). We design zero forcing (ZF) linear
precoders considering, as figure of merit, the weighted sumrate
for multilevel pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) and
take into account the optical power constraints. We present
two approaches. First, we formulate the design as a convex
optimization problem and find its exact solution. Second, by considering
certain approximations, we find an alternative precoder
that despite being suboptimal can be computed in an almost
closed-form, achieving a good trade-off between performance
and complexity. Finally, we demonstrate that the proposed
approaches largely outperform the conventional pseudo-inverse
precoding and single-user TDMA approaches

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