Conferences: Receive Spatial Modulation for Massive MIMO Systems
Raafat, A. Agustin de Dios and J. Vidal Manzano


In this paper, we consider the downlink of a massive
multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) single user transmission
system operating in the millimeter wave outdoor narrowband
channel environment. We propose a novel receive spatial modulation
architecture aimed to reduce the power consumption at
the user terminal, while attaining a significant spectral efficiency
and low bit error rate. The energy consumption reduction is
obtained through the use of analog devices (amplitude detector),
which reduces the number of radio frequency chains and analogto-
digital-converters (ADCs). The base station transmits spatial
and modulation symbols per channel use. We show that the
optimal spatial symbol detector is a threshold detector that can
be implemented by using one bit ADC. We derive closed form
expressions for the detection threshold at different signal-tonoise-
ratio (SNR) regions. We derive expressions for the average
bit error probability in the presence and absence of the threshold
estimation error showing that a small number of pilot symbols
is needed. A performance comparison is done between the
proposed system and fully digital MIMO showing that a suitable
constellation selection can reduce the performance gap.

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