Conferences: Long-term Provisioning of Radio Resources Based on their Utilization in Dense OFDMA Networks
Lagén Morancho, O. Muñoz Medina, Pascual Iserte, J. Vidal Manzano and A. Agustin de Dios


This paper presents long-term resource provisioning schemes for dense multi-cell OFDMA-based networks, where multiple cells with possibly overlapping coverage areas compete for the same set of resources. The optimization is done over the long term, being independent of the specific users connected to each cell but dynamic enough to follow significant variations of the traffic load. In this sense, we focus on the average resource utilization (RU) and propose schemes to minimize the maximum RU of all cells. Firstly, we consider orthogonal resource usage among cells. Optimal closed-form expressions for the long-term resource provisioning are derived for this case. Secondly, we assume that resources can be reused at non-overlapping cells. In this case, the resource provisioning is solved in two steps: i) the number of resources required per cell is obtained by discretizing the optimal solution of a convex problem, and then ii) the specific resources to be utilized by each cell are determined by using graph coloring. In contrast to previous works, graph coloring can be applied to get an implementable solution for any condition of the cell loads. Simulation results show a significant reduction of the maximum RU, which translates into an increase of the served traffic and a reduction of the packet delay, as compared to static resource provisioning schemes.

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