Conferences: DMA tradeoff for the MIMO static half-duplex relay
L. García Ordóñez, D. Pérez Palomar and J. Rodríguez Fonollosa


The diversity and multiplexing tradeoff (DMT) has been extensively applied in the literature to compare the high-SNR outage performance of relaying techniques and to propose new design guidelines. The problem with this approach is that the DMT provides only a coarse measure of performance and, hence, it is more convenient to adopt the diversity, multiplexing, and array gain (DMA) framework, in which the error probability is characterized by two parameters: the diversity gain (associated with the SNR exponent) and the array gain (related to the SNR offset). In this paper, we derive the DMA tradeoff associated with the cut-set bound outage probability of the static half-duplex MIMO relay under uncorrelated/semicorrelated Rayleigh fading and uncorrelated Rician fading. This provides an upper bound to the DMA tradeoff achievable by any relaying scheme.

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