Conferences: On the Totally Asynchronous Interference Channel with Single-User Receivers
E. Calvo Page, J. Rodríguez Fonollosa and J. Vidal Manzano


The performance characterization of decentralized
wireless networks with uncoordinated sender-destination pairs
motivates the study of the totally asynchronous interference
channel with single-user receivers. Since this channel is not
information stable, its capacity region is determined resorting to
information density, although more amenable single-letter inner
and outer bounds are provided as well. Aiming at numerical
evaluation of the achievable rates, we subsequently concentrate
on the inner bound for the Gaussian case.
We show that taking Gaussian inputs is not the best choice in
general and derive analytical conditions under which other input
distributions may be optimal. Essentially, these conditions require
the channel to be interference-limited. Finally, the existence of
such non-Gaussian distributions with superior performance is
validated numerically in different scenarios.

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