Journals: Coexisting Linear and Widely Linear Transceivers in the MIMO Interference Channel
Lagén Morancho, A. Agustin de Dios and J. Vidal Manzano


Recent results have shown the benefits of widely linear precoding (WLP) in the MIMO interference channel (MIMO IC) assuming that all transmitters can follow the same strategy. Motivated by a transitional scenario where legacy linear transmitters coexist with widely linear ones, this work investigates the general K-user MIMO IC in a heterogeneous (linear and widely linear) transmitter deployment. In particular, we address the maximization of the weighted sum-rate (WSR) for (widely) linear transmit filters design through the use of the complex-valued formulation. Since the maximum WSR problem is non-convex, and thus difficult to be solved, we formulate an equivalent minimum weighted mean square error problem that allows deriving closed-form expressions for (widely) linear transceivers. Then an iterative procedure is proposed, which is proven to reach a stationary point of the maximum WSR problem. Simulations show that the proposed procedure allows increasing the sum-rate as compared to coordinated linear transceiver schemes. The gains are larger and significant in two different non-exclusive conditions: as the interference level increases or when the number of antennas is low.

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