Journals: Towards a Reconfigurable MIMO Downlink Air Interface and Radio Resource Management: The SURFACE Concept
I. Kovács, L. García Ordóñez, Navarro, E. Calvo Page and J. Rodríguez Fonollosa


This paper presents a reconfigurable multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) air interface design combined with
radio resource management (RRM) algorithms applicable to multi-user MIMO transmission in downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access  systems.
A low complexity, adaptive and channel aware single-user and multi-user MIMO  transmission solution is proposed based on the findings of the  SURFACE (Self-configURable air interFACE) European Commission funded research project.
The resulting cross-layer design covers the reconfigurable air interface and practical layer 1 and layer 2 RRM mechanisms for time-frequency packet scheduling.
System-level performance analysis including the effects of limited and imperfect feedback from the terminals shows that the SURFACE air interface provides an attractive practical solution for operations with high-rate adaptive MIMO
transmission schemes in the context of next-generation wireless communications systems.

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