Journals: Robust power allocation algorithms for MIMO OFDM systems with imperfect CSI
F. Rey Micolau, M. Lamarca Orozco and G. Vázquez Grau


This paper presents a Bayesian approach to the design of transmit prefiltering matrices in closed-loop schemes robust to channel estimation errors. The algorithms are derived for a MIMO OFDM system. Two different optimization criteria are analyzed: the minimization of the mean square error and the minimization of the bit error rate. In both cases, the transmitter design is based on the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of the conditional mean of the channel response given the channel estimate. The performance of the proposed algorithms is analyzed and their relationship with existing algorithms is indicated. As other previously proposed solutions, the minimum bit error rate algorithm converges to the open-loop transmission scheme for very poor CSI estimates.

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