Research Projects carried out by the Signal Processing and Communications Group sorted by end date. Use the search tool at the bottom of the page to look for a project by project name, acronym or code.

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Project nameAcronymFunderStart dateEnd date
Signal Processing for Communications2014 SGR 60Catalan GovernmentJan 2014Dec 2016
Collaboration agreement: Tècniques estadístiques i de Machine learning que permetin millorar el processament de dades d’entorns electorals i govern electrònic, preservant la privadesa dels ciutadans.CASCYTLPrivate CompanyApr 2016Sep 2016
Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications #NEWCOMEuropean CommissionNov 2012Nov 2015
Wireless technologies for isolated rural communities in developing countries based on cellular 3G femtocell deploymentsTUCAN3GEuropean CommissionFeb 2013Aug 2015
Distributed computing, storage and radio resource allocation over cooperative femtocellsTROPICEuropean CommissionSep 2012Feb 2015
Foundations and Methodologies for Future Communication and Sensor NetworksCOMONSENSSpanish GovernmentDec 2008Dec 2014
Portable Kit for Detecting Trapped and Buried People in Ruins and AvalanchesRESCUECELLEuropean CommissionJan 2013Dec 2014
Dynamic Access and Cognitive CommunicationsDYNACSSpanish GovernmentJan 2011Sep 2014
Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks COST IC0902European CommissionMar 2010Dec 2013
Macrocells and FemtOcells Systems with Advanced Interference-aware coordination and Cooperation techniquesMOSAICSpanish GovernmentJan 2011Dec 2013
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