Wrestling with Interference in Communications and Information Processing
Funder:Spanish Government
Company:Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Comptetitividad
Start date:2016 December 30th
End date:2019 December 29th
Partners:Universidad de Vigo
SPCOM Participants:Meritxell Lamarca Orozco, Francesc Rey Micolau, Jaume Riba Sagarra, Josep Sala Alvarez, Gregori Vázquez Grau and Javier Villares Piera
SPCOM Responsible:Francesc Rey Micolau


Current societal prospects in the ICT arena advance a sustained demand for faster and more dependable wireless communications designed under the paradigm of enhanced energy efficiency and other criteria such as connectivity, resilience or complexity. A salient feature in next generation networks (5G) will be their ability to handle the interference resulting from a large population of heterogeneous terminals with varying requirements, while preserving relevant performance figures. In this way, interference management becomes indispensable, a challenge that WINTER will address through different fronts:

- adaptive, flexible, and efficient radio acces schemes in view of spectrum scarcity.

- management of massive multiple access interference according to a number of performance figures.

- large-scale networks of low-cost devices integrating sensors and actuators capable of computation and communication

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