Dynamic Access and Cognitive Communications
Funder:Spanish Government
Start date:2011 January 1st
End date:2014 September 30th
Keywords:dynamic access, cognitive radio
Partners:Universidad de Vigo
SPCOM Participants:Josep Font Segura, Meritxell Lamarca Orozco, David Matas, Francisco Ramirez Javega, Francesc Rey Micolau, Jaume Riba Sagarra, Josep Sala Alvarez, Gregori Vázquez Grau and Javier Villares Piera
SPCOM Responsible:Francesc Rey Micolau


Spectrum is a valuable resource which is steadily growing scarce as new telecommunication networks are being deployed. Cognitive Radio opens up new possibilities by granting secondary networks access to temporarily unused licensed spectrum. Streamlined Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) plays a key role in warranting that heterogeneous networks may co-exist at a specified maximum level of mutual interference and at a minimum Quality of Service. This project sets out to devise and evaluate theoretical tools, algorithms and procedures for the physical and upper layers which may have potential impact on DSA and the resulting performance metrics. A number of research lines are identified, mainly related to the physical layer, which will be addressed from a combined application of Signal Processing, Information Theory and Game Theory tools.

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