Ferran De Cabrera Estanyol
Position:Research Assistant
Advisor:Jaume Riba Sagarra

Latest Projects

Project nameAcronymFunderStart dateEnd date
Signal Processing and Communications2017 SGR 578Catalan GovernmentJan 2017Dec 2019
Communications and Signal Processing in Adverse ScenariosCOMPASSSpanish GovernmentJan 2014Dec 2017

Latest Conference publications

[1] F. de Cabrera, J. Riba Sagarra and G. Vázquez, "Robust Estimation of the Magnitude Squared Coherence based on Kernel Signal Processing", IEEE Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, November 2017. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[2] F. de Cabrera, J. Riba Sagarra and G. Vázquez, "Entropy-Based Covariance Determinant Estimation", IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances for Wireless Communications, July 2017, pp. 582 - 586. | Details | Full document | BibTex

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