David Matas
Position:Research Assistant
Office:D5 218A
Telephone:+ 34 93 401 09 95
Fax:+ 34 93 401 64 47
Advisor:Meritxell Lamarca Orozco

Latest Projects

Project nameAcronymFunderStart dateEnd date
Foundations and Methodologies for Future Communication and Sensor NetworksCOMONSENSSpanish GovernmentDec 2008Dec 2014
Dynamic Access and Cognitive CommunicationsDYNACSSpanish GovernmentJan 2011Sep 2014
Signal Processing for CommunicationsSGR 2009Catalan GovernmentJan 2009Dec 2013

Latest Journal publications

[1] D. Matas and M. Lamarca, "Optimum power allocation and bit loading for BICM systems", IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 58, August 2010, pp. 2314 - 2323. | Details | Full document | BibTex

Latest Conference publications

[1] D. Matas and M. Lamarca, "Analysis of LDPC code syndrome entropy based on subgraphs", IEEE International Symposium on Turbo Codes and Related Topics, September 2016. | Full document | BibTex

[2] D. Matas and M. Lamarca, "Asymptotic MAP upper bounds for LDPC codes", IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, July 2016. | Full document | BibTex

[3] F. Ramirez Javega, D. Matas and M. Lamarca, "Adaptive Sampling for Fast Sparsity Pattern Recovery", European Signal Processing Conference, August 2011, pp. 348 - 352. | Details | BibTex

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