Eduard Calvo Page
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Latest Projects

Project nameAcronymFunderStart dateEnd date
Fundamental bounds in Network Information TheoryFBNITSpanish GovernmentOct 2006Sep 2011
Self Configurable Air InterfaceSURFACEEuropean CommissionJan 2006Dec 2008

Latest Journal publications

[1] E. Calvo Page, O. Muñoz Medina, J. Vidal and A. Agustin de Dios, "Downlink coordinated radio resource management in cellular networks with partial CSI", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol. 60, March 2012, pp. 1420 - 1431. | Details | BibTex

[2] E. Calvo Page, D. P. Palomar, J. R. Fonollosa and J. Vidal, "On the Computation of the Capacity Region of the Discrete MAC", IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 58, December 2010, pp. 3512 - 3525. | Details | Full document | Hide BibTex

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TITLE = {{O}n the {C}omputation of the {C}apacity {R}egion of the {D}iscrete {MAC}},
YEAR = {December},
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[3] I. Kovács, L. G. Ordóñez, Miguel Navarro, E. Calvo Page and J. R. Fonollosa, "Towards a Reconfigurable MIMO Downlink Air Interface and Radio Resource Management: The SURFACE Concept", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 48, June 2010, pp. 22 - 29. | Details | Full document | BibTex

Latest Conference publications

[1] D. Bernal Casas, P. Closas Gómez, E. Calvo Page and J. Fernández Rubio, "A Convex Optimization Algorithm for Tight GNSS/INS Integration: An Alternative to Kalman Filtering", Institute of Navigation Satellite Division Technical Meeting, September 2009. | BibTex

[2] D. Bernal Casas, P. Closas Gómez, E. Calvo Page and J. Fernández Rubio, "Tight GNSS/INS Integration as a Constrained Least-Squares problem", European Signal Processing Conference, August 2009. | Details | BibTex

[3] E. Calvo Page, J. R. Fonollosa and J. Vidal, "On the Totally Asynchronous Interference Channel with Single-User Receivers", IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, July 2009, pp. 2587 - 2591. | Details | Full document | BibTex

Latest Books

[1] O. Muñoz Medina, J. Vidal, E. Calvo Page and A. Agustin de Dios, "Radio Resource Management in WiMAX. RRM strategies in multihop and cooperative transmission", John Wiley & Sons, July 2009, pp. 315 - 368. | BibTex

[2] O. Muñoz Medina, J. Vidal, A. Agustin de Dios, S. Simoens, E. Calvo Page, R. Hoshyar and Y. Liu, "Radio Resource Management in WiMAX. Relaying techniques for OFDM-MIMO systems", John Wiley & Sons, July 2009, pp. 271 - 314. | BibTex


[1] E. Calvo Page, "INTERFERENCE IN WIRELESS NETWORKS: Cancelation, Impact, Practical Management, and Complexity", Dpt. of Signal Theory and Communications, UPC, January 2009. Advisor: J. R. Fonollosa and J. Vidal. | Details | Full document | Slides | BibTex

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