TUCAN3G project granted in the 9th call of the 7th FP

The TUCAN3G project (www.ict-tucan3g.eu) aims at designing a technologically feasible and yet economically sustainable solution for the progressive introduction of voice and broadband data services in isolated rural communities of developing countries, using commercial cellular terminals, 3G femttocells (and its possible evolution to 4G) and heterogeneous backhauling (WiLD-WiMAX-VSAT). The participants are UPC, Univerisdad Rey Juan Carlos, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Peru, Universidad del Cauca, Fondo de Inversión en Telecomunicaciones de Peru, Fundación EHAS, Telefonica Internacional Wholesales Services, Centro Regional de Productividad e Innovación del Cauca and Kinno Knowledge and Innovation Consultants. Activities span from Feb 2013 through July 2015 and are coordinated by professor Josep Vidal. Other SPCOM participants are Olga Muñoz, Toni Pascual, Adrián Agustín and Juan Fernandez.



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