STREP project granted in the fourth call of the 7th Framework Programme of the EC
The FREEDOM project will study femtocell-based network enhancements by exploting interference management and coordination of information for seamless connectivity. The participants are UPC, Universita di Roma La Sapienza, Dune, CEA-LIST, Czech Technical University, Sequans, Siradel and Telkom. Activities are scheduled from Jan 2010 through Dec 2011 and will be coordinated by Josep Vidal.

Currently, femtocells and macrocells are seen as isolated networks, competing for the resources available in the common spectrum band, at the cost of injecting interference to the whole system. FREEDOM project will face key technical and industrial concerns about the foreseen mid-term massive deployment of femtocells by adopting a new approach based on cooperative/coordination paradigms, enabled by the quality-limited ISP backhaul link. The project will not disregard the approach of isolated networks because it is met when there is not enough backhaul link connecting the femtocells and macrocell. In order to guarantee a strong focus and efficiency, FREEDOM will focus on: advanced interference-aware cooperative PHY techniques; improvement of the control plane procedures for seamless connectivity, system-level evaluation and hardware demonstrator of the proposed femto-based network architecture.

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