The Signal Processing and Communications Group performs research and teaching activities at the alt Signal Theory and Communications Department (TSC) of the alt Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Research activities and commercial applications are focused along four main lines:

alt Personal and Mobile Communications

alt Ground and On-Board Satellite Processing for Digital Communications

alt Navigation Systems

alt Hardware/Software Signal Processing Systems

These research activities and technology projects are supported by the Spanish and Regional Governments, National/International Industries and European projects.

The staff is composed of 3 Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professor, 4 Research Assistants, and 2 Research Associates. The group is responsible for undergraduate teaching in signal processing and communications at the UPC Telecommunication Schools ETSETB (Barcelona), EPSC (Castelldefels), and EUETIT (Terrassa), and under the TSC Doctoral Program.


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Signal Processing and Communications group
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