Conferences: Minimum PER User-Energy Profile for Massive SIC Receivers under an Average Energy Constraint
J. Sala Alvarez, F. Rey Micolau, J. Villares Piera and Molina Oliveras


In dense wireless networks (large number of users)
and under high traffic loads, inter-user interference constitutes
a factor limiting network’s performance. Successive Interference
Cancellation (SIC) has successfully counteracted this problem.
Nonetheless, the aggregate Packet Error Rate (PER) when SIC is
employed heavily depends on the users’ symbol energies.We show
that in a wireless (satellite) scenario where users share the same
encoder, we may apply Variational Calculus (VC) in the largeuser
limit to derive the optimum distribution of ordered energies,
or Energy Profile, and its associated Signal to Interference plus
Noise Power Ratio (SINR) over consecutive SIC stages when an
average energy constraint is enforced. Both profiles are shown to
solve a differential equation system and to be a non-increasing
function of the user decoding order. A comparative analysis is
carried out for two representative encoders.

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