Conference publications related to project COMONSENS Network

[1] Panagiotis A. Traganitis, A. Pagès Zamora and Georgios B. Giannakis, "Learning from Unequally Reliable Blind Ensembles of Classifiers", IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, November 2017, pp. 1 - 5. | BibTex

[2] Margarita Cabrera-Bean, A. Pagès Zamora, Carles Diaz-Vilor, M. Postigo-Camps, D. Cuadrado-Sanchez and M. Luengo-Oroz, "Counting Malaria Parasites with a two-stage EM based algorithm using crowdsourced data", Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society , July 2017, pp. 2283 - 2287. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[3] A. Pagès Zamora, Georgios B. Giannakis, R. López-Valcarce and Pere Giménez-Febrer, "Robust Clustering of Data Collected Via Crowdsourcing", IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, March 2017, pp. 4014 - 4018. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[4] J Del Olmo and J. R. Fonollosa, "Strong Secrecy on a Class of Degraded Broadcast Channels Using Polar Codes", IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security, October 2016, pp. 1 - 5. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[5] Pere Giménez-Febrer, A. Pagès Zamora and R. López-Valcarce, "Distributed online EM in sensor networks with faulty nodes", European Signal Processing Conference, August 2016, pp. 1 - 6. | Full document | BibTex

[6] R. López-Valcarce, Daniel Romero, J. Sala Alvarez and A. Pagès Zamora, "Distributed Multivariate Regression with Unknown Noise Covariance in the presence of Outliers: An MDL Approach Distributed online EM in sensor networks with faulty nodes", IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, June 2016, pp. 1 - 5. | Full document | BibTex

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