Conferences: A Rain and Scintillation Ka-band Channel Simulator
J. Sala Alvarez, M. Lamarca Orozco, J. Lopez-Salcedo, F. Rey Micolau, J. Riba Sagarra, G. Vázquez Grau and J. Villares Piera


This paper describes the implementation of a Ka-band

satellite channel simulator with special emphasis on the synthesis of

scintillation processes. The problem becomes one of generating a given

probability density function, the Moulsley-Vilar distribution, with a specified

power spectral density using a Wiener model based on orthogonal

Hermite polynomials for the nonlinearity. A numerical procedure is

devised to calculate the filter and non-linearity coefficients of the Wiener

model. The generation of rain processes conform to the Maseng-Bakken


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