Journals: Waveform-Independent Frame-Timing Acquisition for UWB Signals
J. Lopez-Salcedo and G. Vázquez Grau


In this paper, the problem of frame-level symbol timing acquisition for UWB signals is addressed. The main goal is the derivation of a frame-level timing estimator which does not require any prior knowledge of neither the transmitted symbols nor the received template waveform. In particular, the independence with respect to the received template waveform is of special interest since a fast and accurate estimation of the end-to-end channel response is a challenging and computationally demanding task in UWB systems. To this end, the proposed estimator is derived under the unconditional maximum likelihood criterion. Due to the low power spectral density of UWB signals, the low-SNR assumption is adopted. As a result, an optimal frame-level timing estimator is derived which outperforms existing acquisition methods in low-SNR scenarios.

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