Research Projects carried out by the Signal Processing and Communications Group sorted by end date. Use the search tool at the bottom of the page to look for a project by project name, acronym or code.

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Project nameAcronymFunderStart dateEnd date
A real time crack detection system AMESPrivate CompanyMay 2002Jun 2004
Resource Management and Advanced Transceiver Algorithms for Multi-Hop NetworksROMANTIKEuropean CommissionJan 2002Jun 2004
Feasibility Study for a Spacecraft Navigation System relying on Pulsar Timing InformationPULSARPrivate CompanyApr 2004Jun 2004
Smart Antennas in Mobile Communications: User Location  Spanish GovernmentDec 2000Dec 2003
Integrated Broadcast Interaction SystemIBISEuropean CommissionJan 2001Aug 2003
Intelligent Multi-Element Transmit and Receive AntennasI-METRAEuropean CommissionNov 2001Mar 2003
Fourth -generation Intelligent Transparent Networks Enhanced through Space-time SystemsFITNESSEuropean CommissionJan 2001Jan 2003
Digital Transponders for the GALILEOSAT (Part 2) Private CompanyJan 2002Jan 2003
Advanced Decoding Algorithms for Satellite Broadcasting Private CompanyJan 2002Dec 2002
Synthesis of Fuzzy Logic and Signal Processing Techniques for Adaptive Interference Cancellation in Wireless Spread Spectrum Multi-user Receivers Spanish GovernmentNov 1999Nov 2002
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