Resource Management and Advanced Transceiver Algorithms for Multi-Hop Networks
Funder:European Commission
Start date:2002 January 1st
End date:2004 June 1st
Web site:
SPCOM Participants:Adrian Agustin de Dios, Maribel Madueño Ruiz, Olga Muñoz Medina and Josep Vidal Manzano
SPCOM Responsible:Josep Vidal Manzano


ROMANTIK aims to develop and evaluate "structured" and "ad-hoc" multi-hop radio networks as well as intelligent relaying techniques for 3G+ and 4G mobile/wireless communication systems. Within this primary objective, specific objectives are the development of:

- Radio resource management algorithms,

- Strategies for intelligent relaying,

- Innovative radio link techniques such as:

1. CDMA with Cyclic Prefix Extension (CDMA-CPE), to simplify Multiuser Detection (MUD) processing.

2. Channel Prediction Enhanced Adaptive Modulation (CPEAM) technique to achieve time diversity within the transmitted symbol, not constraining the symbol duration to be much smaller than the channel coherence time. ROMANTIK broad scope is to demonstrate the performance enhancement of multi-hop networks and the benefit of novel radio link algorithms.

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