Portable Kit for Detecting Trapped and Buried People in Ruins and Avalanches
Funder:European Commission
Start date:2013 January 1st
End date:2014 December 31st
Web site: http://www.rescuecell.eu


SPCOM Participants:Alba Pagès Zamora, Silvana Silva Pereira and Josep Vidal Manzano
SPCOM Responsible:Alba Pagès Zamora


The aim of the RescueCell project is to develop a novel accurate location system based on mobile signal measurements, in order to create a cost effective and portable kit, easy to be installed and used. The RescueCell system is expected to lead to significantly faster searches in SAR (Search and Rescue) using a unique, easy-to-use, cost efficient, safe and reliable tool in order to locate victims who are buried under debris or snow, providing accuracy of their position.

Latest Related Patents

[1] A. Pagès Zamora, J. Vidal, Pere Giménez-Febrer and S. Silva Pereira, "Procedimiento y sistema de localización de terminales móviles" February 2015. | Full document

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