Distributed computing, storage and radio resource allocation over cooperative femtocells
Funder:European Commission
Start date:2012 September 1st
End date:2015 February 28th
Keywords:Coud computing, femtocell networks, distributed MIMO, radio resource management, self organising networks
Web site: http://www.ict-tropic.eu


Partners:4GCellEx, ATOS Spain, CEA-LETI, Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l'Informatica, Czech Technical University in Prague, Dune S.R.L., Sequans Communications, Telkom and Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
SPCOM Participants:Adrian Agustin de Dios, Sandra Lagén Morancho, Olga Muñoz Medina, Antonio Pascual Iserte, Marc Torrellas Socastro and Josep Vidal Manzano
SPCOM Responsible:Josep Vidal Manzano


Femtocell networks are currently seen as the new communication paradigm for the ever-increasing ubiquitous wireless traffic demands. Being pervasive by nature, its proximity to the subscriber opens a new world of possibilities for the development of applications. Among them, cloud computing services demanded by smartphones could be moved from large server farms to HeNBs, provided that these are equipped with computational and storage resources, thus improving user experience on latency and download/upload speed. TROPIC addresses this scenario by exploiting advanced MP2MP communications schemes, innovative virtualization procedures, and a cross-layer approach to the allocation of resources understood in a wide sense: radio, computational/storage capacity and energy. TROPIC work programme includes the definition and characterization of the system level building blocks and their required interfaces for the implementation of a full system emulator and the development of a proof of concept platform.

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