Técnicas de procesado 'soft' en modulaciones codificadas adaptativas para comunicaciones inalámbricas de banda ancha
Funder:Spanish Government
Start date:2004 January 1st
End date:2006 December 31st
SPCOM Participants:Margarita Cabrera Bean, Meritxell Lamarca Orozco, Olga Muñoz Medina, Francesc Rey Micolau, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa, Gregori Vázquez Grau and Josep Vidal Manzano
SPCOM Responsible:Meritxell Lamarca Orozco


CODA aims at studying coding and modulation schemes that can satisfy the stringent performance requirements of future wireless communications systems, i.e. spectrally efficient transceiver capable of operating in time-varying low SNR channels. This goal is addressed threefold: (i) exploiting spatial diversity in multiple antenna (MIMO) transmission systems, (ii) CSI(Channel State Information) - aware transmission using adaptive coding and modulation matched to the channel spatio-temporal response, (iii) soft iterative detection algorithms (turbo-synchronization and turbo-equalisation techniques).

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