Hugo Durney Wasaff
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Latest Conference publications

[1] H. Durney Wasaff and J. Sala Alvarez, "Time Delay Estimation in Digital Pre-Distortion", IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, April 2003. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[2] H. Durney Wasaff and J. Sala Alvarez, "Rational Characterization for Memoryless Adaptive Pre-Distortion", European Signal Processing Conference, September 2002. | Details | Full document | BibTex

[3] J. Sala Alvarez and H. Durney Wasaff, "Coarse Time Delay Estimation for Pre-Correction of High Power Amplifiers in OFDM Communications", IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference Fall, September 2002, pp. 2313 - 2317. | Details | Full document | BibTex


[1] H. Durney Wasaff, "Adaptive Pre-Distortion for Non Linear High Power Amplifiers in OFDM Systems.", Dpt. of Signal Theory and Communications, UPC, July 2004. Advisor: J. Sala Alvarez. | Full document | BibTex

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